Felix Sandoval Labour Case filed before the Local Board of Conicliation and Arbitration of Mexico City. Felix was unjustly fired in times of COVID-19 pandemic without a constitutional indemnization. This is, as i call, a typical pattern of unjustified dismissal. He approached us for help and between me and my collegue Atty. Alejandro Guerrero Zacarías achieved case filing on January 21 2021. Today his case is being attended by Atty. Alejandro Guerrero Zacarías; audience of law about to happen.

Case Felix Sandoval; Writ of  Filing.
Mr. Felix Sandoval with collegue Atty. Alejandro Guerrero Zacarías at first appearance.
Isa Rodri Recurring attendance to Mexico City’s Local Board of Conciliation and Arbitration.
Asigned Special Board. Felix Sandoval; Signed Testimony.